List of Arts Education Resources ONLINE

We want to bring you a comprehensive list of every activity related to arts education we can find during school closures. This list will have an emphasis on the Performing Arts and include virtual classes, activities, and concerts to attend all from the comfort and safety of your own home. All selections below are part of our community and friends of GingerSnap Performing Arts.

**Keep checking back as we will continue to update our lists!**

Virtual Book Readings/Concerts

Every THURSDAY at 2pm

Ms Eiisa Concert.jpg

Our choreographer in residence at Gingersnap PA, Ms. Elisa, is doing an ALL REQUESTS Kids Concert on Facebook Live.

Have your music requests ready and tune in at 2pm!

Appropriate for: ALL AGES

Cost: FREE

Supplies needed: internet, facebook account, device to logon and watch/make requests

Susan Salidor is an amazing Chicago based musician, specializing in music for the young. She has been scheduling a plethora of concerts from her Facebook page during this time so check her out there! Her songs are original and participatory. Lots of call and response, dance moves, and other invitations to take part in her music for the little ones.

From her Facebook: "Susan Salidor is an award-winning children’s music composer and performer with the heart of a teacher."


Appropriate for ALL Ages but specifically kids under 6.

Cost: FREE

Supplies needed: internet, facebook account, device to logon and watch and space to dance


Jake Dylan Hawrylak is a Chicago musician and music educator. He offers lessons for all ages on Guitar, bass, ukulele, drums, and piano- virtual for now, but always in person when Covid-19 passes.

Music Options


Ms. Angela Harrington has an amazing Youtube Channel that covers everything from Music Based book readings to Ukulele lessons. Check it out

Appropriate for ALL Ages depending upon activity selected. Much to chooes from.

Cost: FREE

Supplies needed: internet, access to youtube. Musical instruments as needed. 

Dance Options

Theatre Options