GingerSnap Shows

After School and Summer

Every year GingerSnap Performing Arts cultivates a selection of shows based on educational merit, technical skill levels, input from the Directing, Design, and Production Teams, and interest of potential participants.

More about the process itself: Each show will be scheduled for a rehearsal process of 2-6 weeks and 1-2 weekends of shows throughout the school year and summer.

These shows are available for individual sign up and participation of any one ages 7-15 with basic reading and writing skills and a means of transportation to get to and from rehearsals and shows. Locations of rehearsals and shows will vary from show to show. GingerSnap Performing Arts is a traveling company and deals with rental spaces on a regular basis as a means of creating a cost effective existence so that our show experiences stay as affordable as possible.


Whats happening now?

-4 Week Spring Theater Camp

-After School Rehearsals M-F

-1 Weekend of Shows

April 6th-May 3rd

Kids ages 7-15

In Bucktown/Wicker Park neighborhood

The rehearsal schedules will vary, taking place either as an after school program or as summer programming during the day. Each young performer and their family will be given access to “Young Performers Now”, a password protected portion of our website. Any and all information needed for the show will be available at that location including: audition materials, mp3 files of songs from the show to listen to and practice along with, rehearsal and show schedule information, contracts, etc.

Details : All children signed up for any of these shows are guaranteed an onstage role. Each rehearsal process will start with a few days of auditions as a means of educating each performer on professional theater practices and as a way to get to know our new participants. Casting decisions are based on level of preparation, ability to follow directions, and an individual’s behavior in the audition room. Music and theater experience is always a plus, but usually one of the last things we look for when it comes to handing out larger roles.


Sign your child up for any and all of our shows this season! Come learn and grow with us as we advance your child's personal growth through creative expression . We welcome you to become a part of the GingerSnap Performing Arts Community!