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Theatre production is a dynamic, worthwhile and beneficial process.

Participating in theatre production helps children grow emotionally, physically and socially.

Exposure to the arts creates future artists and art patrons.

 At GingerSnap, children ages 7-17, will be immersed in an authentic theatre experience. ​From audition to opening night, children will learn the professional theatre's process within an environment that  builds on and encourages interpersonal life skills and psychosocial skills that are used to adapt to the challenges of every day life.

The driving force of GingerSnap Performing Arts is to provide expert training to children in our theatre productions delivered by talented and caring professionals within a supportive and nurturing  framework. It is our belief that the experience of being in a theater production, both onstage and off, naturally fosters and grows skills that become lifelong assets to a participant and helps them think about the world around them in a healthy and productive way.

"Personal Growth Through Creative Expression"



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My love for theatre and music was nurtured by so many inspiring teachers in Milwaukee's premier arts-integrated K4-12 program. I attended Elm Creative Arts Grade School, Roosevelt Middle School of the Arts and graduated with honors from Milwaukee High School of the Arts. I majored in music having played the violin since age five.

The arts are important in all of our lives, but especially for children. The research is clear and abundant: Participation in the arts enhances the personal growth and intellect of a child. I benefited from my arts-based education and the numerous advantages gifted to me.  The goal at GingerSnap is to use the theatre experience to bring those same advantages to the lives of every young performer. 

Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I graduated from Chicago College of Performing Arts, Roosevelt University, in 2012 with a BFA in Musical Theatre.  I have been in Chicago ever since.

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