Founded in October of 2017 by Sadie Rose Glaspey, GingerSnap Performing Arts is a children's theatre company located in Chicago, IL. We offer activities centered around the performing arts with the goal of encouraging children to find personal growth through their own creative expression.


GingerSnap Performing Arts offers many different ways in which to add theatre and arts education in general to your family's life. We offer after school,


"Personal Growth Through Creative Expression"


weekend, and summer programming. With recent events happening, we have also expanded our programming to offer virtual options!

Whether it's creating an entire professionally produced musical starring your child, a weekend musical theatre workshop to learn more about performing, or a virtual creative writing class to write and create a show together, the goal is always to encourage personal growth through creative expression. 

We believe that the theatrical process in many ways speaks for itself when it comes to an amazing educational experience for children. It has all of the components built into it that one must learn to grow into a well-rounded, successful, confident, and contributing adult. Even if the overall goal is to enter into a career in the performing arts, there is still great value to the skills learned when one takes part in a show or helps to create one. Being a part of a large team, working together, learning confidence, public speaking, the list goes on.

Join us for a virtual class, audition for one of our big musical theatre shows, or sign up for a weekend workshop and come see what we are all about!