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Meet Sadie Rose,
Owner and Founder of GingerSnap Performing Arts

Best theatre teacher for kids

Hi! My name is Sadie Rose Glaspey. I am the owner and founder (and often much MORE!) of GingerSnap Performing Arts! I am originally from Milwaukee, WI, but have been here in Chicago since 2008. I came for college and I never left!


My love for theatre and music was nurtured by so many inspiring teachers in Milwaukee's public arts-integrated K4-12 program. I attended Elm Creative Arts Grade School, Roosevelt Middle School of the Arts and graduated with honors from Milwaukee High School of the Arts. I majored in music having played the violin since age five.

Along with all of my arts training, I have an extensive background in education beginning when I was 16. I became a camp counselor and, additionally, the drama teacher, at Camp Anokijig in Sheboygan, WI as one of my very first jobs. When I moved to Chicago, I worked for many summers with Big City Day Camp to bring quality theatre programming to all of their campers. I also have 3 years of experience as a preschool teacher at Jewish Community Youth Services and the now closed Michael Lutz Family Center in Lakeview. I taught for many years for Dream Big Performing Arts and helped create their production camp from 2015-2018. I also had the immense privilege of performing with Emerald City Children's Theater on many productions geared towards young audiences which has been some of my favorite performance work to date!


The arts are important in all of our lives, but especially for children. The research is clear and abundant: Participation in the arts enhances the personal growth and intellect of a child. I benefited from my arts-based education and the numerous advantages gifted to me.  The goal at GingerSnap is to use my experience and education in the Performing Arts to bring those same advantages to the lives of every interested child. I see a need for more arts education and integration for kids in Chicago and I hope to provide that to as many kids as I can.


I cannot wait to meet your family and connect through theatre, music, and dance. Join me and my awesome staff for a Summer Camp, a Weekend Workshop or Drama Club, or an after school program. If you see a need for arts programming somewhere it is missing, get in touch. I go anywhere there's a need and the sky is the limit. It would be my honor to bring the Performing Arts to your child.

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