In-School Programs

We Bring Theatre to Your School

Through school administrators, GingerSnap Performing Arts can be hired to come in to a school and facilitate any kind of show the school would like. GingerSnap brings in their team of directors, designers, and producers to create a show of the school’s choice, starring the students of said school, located inside their own space.

In order to begin this process, the appropriate administrator can get in contact with GingerSnap Performing Arts via email. From there, we will discuss the type of show that would be appropriate based on student body interest and the budget it would take to create the show that is envisioned. If administrators would like to hand creative license over to GingerSnap Performing Arts, we are always happy to consult on which type and titles of shows might be appropriate for any particular group. Once a show has been selected and a budget signed off on, a rehearsal and show calendar will be constructed and the fun begins!

More about the process itself: Once we have everything set up and scheduled, we begin working with the kids during a few days (depending on number of participants) of auditions so the Directing Team can get to know them and figure out where they would fit best within the world and story of the show. They will be provided with specific audition material such as scripts,
musical scores, and musical tracks to listen to and practice along with so they can prepare for auditions.

When our auditions are over, a cast list will be produced based on the views of the directing and producing team as well as any input given by school administrators if necessary. All children who audition will be given a role. This decision is based on level of preparation, ability to follow directions, and their behavior in the audition room. Music and theater experience is always a plus, but usually the last thing we look for when it comes to handing out larger roles.

The rehearsal process will be a very focused 4-6 week period (depending on need and want of school and specific contract details) where children will be immersed in the world of the show we are working on. The rehearsal process ends with a week of technical rehearsals where we layer in any lights, sound, set pieces, props, and costumes that have not already been worked with. All rehearsals usually function well as an after school activity, but this timing can be customized based on needs of any specific school.

Once the rehearsal process is complete, all of the many efforts and elements of the show come together for one or two weekends of performances where parents, teachers, siblings, and the community is invited to come witness all of the hard work that took place during rehearsals.

Details: All participants in the show must be age 7-17, have basic reading and writing skills, and keep their behavior and academic performance to a level deemed appropriate by school administration. We love and value the theatrical experience and view it as an extra-curricular activity that should be earned. 

All rehearsals and shows take place within the school. If you do not have a dedicated auditorium or performance space, never fear. GingerSnap Performing Arts has had experience outfitting many different kinds of spaces for performance. Those details will be discussed in our initial contact and spelled out in the contract and budget on an individual basis. School administrators, contact GingerSnap Performing Arts today to see the amazing things that are possible in your schools created by your students!

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