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Summer 2023


3 weeks of rehearsal fun, theatre games, singing, dancing, and more, ending in a weekend of professionally produced performances complete with COSTUMES, SET, STAGE LIGHTS, and MORE!
More INFO below in our FAQs section!

July 17th-August 6th
Located at The Athenaeum


Matilda Jr

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Your child will gain self confidence, meet friends of a lifetime, build leadership skills, and understand what it's like to be supported by an awesome community of their peers.
They'll learn choreography from a professional dancer and teaching artist, learn about costume design from a professional costumer, learn about musicality, improve their singing, and try out acting techniques that will serve them any time they audition for a theatrical production!

There is also PUPPETRY in this production so as an added bonus, we will be learning about the power of objects within a show!

Only 25 spots available...

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Self Confidence, Friendship, and Community

Children's Theatre creates...

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