The GingerSnap Team

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Sadie Rose Glaspey is the owner of GingerSnap Performing Arts. Along with running this children's theater company based in Chicago, she is also a Chicago performer herself. A violinist, singer, dancer, and actor. Originally from Milwaukee, WI, Sadie Rose was lucky enough to have access to an amazing Public Arts Education throughout her formative years. From being in shows at First Stage Children's Theater to performing with Milwaukee High School of the Arts award winning chamber orchestra, the arts has made her who she is today. After high school and a far too brief semester in Spain, she moved to Chicago to study Musical Theater at Chicago College of the Performing Arts and received her BFA in May of 2012. Ever since then, she has been auditioning, performing, and creating whenever she can. Chicago offers a unique scene with many different ways to utilize creative skills and talents and she likes to do as much of it as possible.